With the cost of doing business in an ever-increasing pattern, the ability to leverage and maximize existing technology infrastructures while bringing company policies and operating procedures in line with overall business goals and strategies, requires professional-strength knowledge and experience in the Information Technology field.

Evidence supports the reasons that corporate managers are increasingly looking to technology as not only an essential, but a cornerstone that can help make or break a company's bottom line.

With initiatives such as streamlined customer service and satisfaction, group and/or team coalescence and collaboration, and the timely marketing of new product and/or services, advanced technology solutions are needed to facilitate these and other facets of an organization's healthy growth.

With CBP® you not only get innovative business solutions developed with your own company team members' input, but you also enjoy the expertise of a team of seasoned, experienced technology professionals that are up to speed on all the latest technological breakthroughs. Knowledge in our field, while extremely important and necessary, is insufficient as a qualifier; our clients choose CBP because the job gets done right - the first time!

With the expertise to enable and empower your company to achieve it's highest Information Technology potential, or if the requirement is to establish or replace an existing network infrastructure using the award-winning series of DELL servers - to a complex software solution or Web site, CBP makes it all work.

The CBP team, which is comprised of highly trained and experienced information system professionals who understand the potential competitive advantage of properly implemented Information Technology infrastructure, along with the catastrophic possibilities of a poorly implemented one, are available to serve your needs - we're just a click or a call away.




The latest addition to CBP's solid vendor list is

The FortiGate™ Security Appliance line by FortiNet is changing the way networks of all sizes and at all levels are protected. Hardware Anti-Virus, Network Intrusion Detection, VPN, Load Balancing, and Content Management - coupled with a management interface that just makes sense - you owe it to your organization to check out FortiNet's product line

CBP is a DELL reseller and Microsoft Solutions Provider

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